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Prism Joins the AZ Suicide Prevention Team

Prism Joins the AZ Suicide Prevention Team

PRISM NETWORK Joins State and Local Agencies to Support Suicide Prevention

September 28, 2022

Prism Network recently teamed up with the Arizona Health Department's Suicide Prevention Team! We are now serving on both the Suicide Mortality Review Team (SMR team) and the LGBTQ+ Specific Work Group. Both the SMR Team and the LGBTQ+ Work Group will help to determine what programming will be included in the statewide suicide prevention literature.

Here is an excellent article about the Arizona Team and Project Manager Joshua Stegemeyer READ IT HERE

The article is written by Bradley Sndyer of Talking About Kids, a weekly podcast for parents, educators, and direct service providers and called "How state agencies are supporting suicide prevention"

Our Team will use information from the   National Fatality Review-Case Reporting System (NFR-CRS) to identify areas in the Arizona Suicide Prevention Program that need improvement and help to bridge the disparities that exist for vulnerable  populations. Learn more about NFR_CRS Here.

One area of improvement already identified by the Team is the need for suicide screening for health care providers, clinics and hospitals.

"Many people who die by suicide have recently had contact with a doctor." *

We know that many underserved populations such as our LGBTQ+ Community experience even more challenges when trying to navigate the Health Care System.

The combined need for both LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Training and Suicide Screening for Health Care Professionals is dire, driving this statewide effort to improve access to critical care.

In a 2020, the Center for American Progress conducted a study called The State of the LGBTQ Community in 2020. The survey interviewed 1,528 adults who self-identified as LGBTQ ages 18 and older. . See the Full Study HERE.

Here are the some of the results of the study: 

  • More than 1 in 3 LGBTQ Americans faced discrimination of some kind in the past year, including more than 3 in 5 transgender Americans.
  • Discrimination adversely affects the mental and economic well-being of many LGBTQ Americans, including 1 in 2 who report moderate or significant negative psychological impacts.
  • To avoid the experience of discrimination, more than half of LGBTQ Americans report hiding a personal relationship, and about one-fifth to one-third have altered other aspects of their personal or work lives.
  • Around 3 in 10 LGBTQ Americans faced difficulties last year accessing necessary medical care due to cost issues, including more than half of transgender Americans.
  • 15 percent of LGBTQ Americans report postponing or avoiding medical treatment due to discrimination, including nearly 3 in 10 transgender individuals.
  • Transgender individuals faced unique obstacles to accessing health care, including 1 in 3 who had to teach their doctor about transgender individuals in order to receive appropriate care.
  • LGBTQ Americans have experienced significant mental health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The combined need for both LGBTQ+Inclusivity Training and Suicide Screening for Health Care Professionals is dire

Prism Network is proud to be partnering with all of the amazing agencies dedicated to finding solutions and improving access for all!

Access the Prism Network Suicide Prevention Resource Page HERE

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One of the Programs aimed addressing these issues is the ZERO SUICIDE MODEL.

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The Zero Suicide Model acknowledges the fact that Health Workers are on the front lines of Suicide Prevention and has developed a way for primary healthcare providers, clinics and hospitals to screen patients for suicide. "


From the Zero Suicide Website:

"Zero Suicide is based on the realization that people experiencing suicidal thoughts and urges often fall through the cracks in a sometimes fragmented and distracted health care system"

"Zero Suicide is a commitment to suicide prevention in health and behavioral health care systems and is also a specific set of strategies and tools. The foundational belief of Zero Suicide is that suicide deaths for individuals under care within health and behavioral health systems are preventable."

"Zero Suicide presents both a bold goal and an aspirational challenge. Organizations that have used this approach found a 60-80% reduction in suicide rates among those in care."*

Learn more about the Zero Suicide Model mission, framework and process at

Combined with LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Training and identifying Safe and Inclusive Health Agencies this method could definitely save lives!

*Article by Brad, Talking about Kids, How state agencies are supporting suicide prevention,Released Sept 19, 2022, accessed 9/27/22.

*SPM Partner Toolkit