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Prism's Featured Artist Jessica Minster

Prism's Featured Artist Jessica Minster

Local Artist Gets Published

August 22, 2023
Jessica Minster

This month Prism is featuring the works of local author Jessica Minster (She/Her). Jessica is a Northern Arizona based maverick transgender female author who grew up in Prescott, Arizona. She has been writing seriously for more than 11 years, starting when she was only 12 years old.

When asked to describe her writing interests she says they are "all over the place" but she tends to focus on "darker, more dramatic and subversive fair".

She started as a screenwriter and now has has completed over fifty projects including novels, books of poetry, screenplays, novellas, short stories, and plays. She also works in historical fiction and non-fiction, usually in the form of blog posts and literary/film/music criticism.  

Bourgeois Wasteland: Political Poems

Bourgeois Wasteland: Political Poems

Minster first self-published chapbook of poetry, Bourgeois Wasteland: Political Poems is now available as an e book for free on most digital retail sites or on Amazon for $0.99.

You can order Bourgeois Wasteland HERE

Here's a sneak peek of Bourgeois Wasteland:

"In a land of hypocrisy, hatred, and violence, there are no easy answers. Jessica Minster's Bourgeois Wasteland offers poems that embrace this difficulty and serve as acritical eye and a voice calling for peace and love."

The description ends with a note from Minster herself indicating that her conservative father hates the poetry in this collection, insinuating that this says a good deal about who will like or dislike the collection and why.

You can read other works by Jessica for free on her Blog Site. Check her other Short Stories and Poetry  HERE.

Blog Posts, Reviews and More

Jessica's blog posts often focus on literary, film and music criticism, but she has been known to include works of non and historical fiction as well. Recent releases on her blog include a ranking of all of David Bowie's studio albums and an analysis of two films' representation of the afterlife.

You can check out her recent blog posts  HERE!

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Lucky Fox Commons- A Writing Collective


Jessica launched Lucky Fox Commons, which advertises itself as "a writing collective by and for the freaks, weirdos and gays of Arizona".

The collective is a plethora of mostly soon-to-be-published authors and poets. They are passionate about their work and want to make it easily accessible and affordable to the public. Each author specializes in their own genre that they plan on contributing to.

You can visit Lucky Fox Commons at

Follow Jessica Minster on her Facebook Page at