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The Finding and Making the Good Award Goes to Prism Network

The Finding and Making the Good Award Goes to Prism Network

Finding and Making the Good Award

March 6, 2023


Finding and Making the Good is an amazing organization of community leaders and volunteers that takes time out of their busy daily community work to "Celebrate the people in the Prescott/Quad Cities doing, living and creating positivity". "We are people celebrating people"

Finding & Making the Good recognizes individuals, non-profits and organizations for their contributions to the community. Recipients are nominated by community residents through their website at

Some of the most recent  individuals include:

Rose Marie Andreozzi who has made & donated hundreds of backpacks to the Friends of the Library program raising thousands of dollars. Read about it here!

Kris Gruda, the main caretaker for United Animal Friends who "works from sun up to sun down every single day" caring for animals at the UAF Ranch. Read more.

Ed and Esther Brohner, who attend the Faith Based Meeting in PV and have adopted one of the HUSD Schools through their faith group. Learn more.

Prism Network receives the Finding and Making the Good Award

Prism Network- formerly GYCC- receives Community Award

In 2021, Prism Network- formerly GYCC, was thrilled to receive the Finding and Making the Good Award for their Covid Support Box Program.

Read the article here

During the pandemic, Prism (GYCC) received urgent requests from Covid positive community members with moderate symptoms. Local hospitals were full at the time and people were being asked to isolate or quarantine at home. Prism's Covid Support Boxes contained 14 days of supplies, including oxygen and temperature montors, and were focused on helping Covid Positive people manage their symptoms safely at home. Learn more about the Covid Support Box Program Here

Prism (Formerly GYCC) Covid Support Box

In February 2023, Molly Freibott who is currently the Executive Director of Prism Network, was delightfully ambushed and received the Award one more time. John Duncan, Director of Events for Prism Network and Allison Lenoker, Executive Director of CCJ (Center for Courage and Justice) lured Molly to Rafters Eleven Coffee Shop in Prescott Valley with the promise of coffee and goodies. Molly was overwhelmed to find that the Amazing Team at Finding and Making the Good had met to bring flowers, a wonderful Certificate, a Gift Card and a $250 donation to Prism Network.

Our most sincere thanks for this amazing honor and thank you Finding and Making the Good for all that you do!