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Greater Yavapai County Coalition is now PRISM NETWORK!

Greater Yavapai County Coalition is now PRISM NETWORK!

February 9, 2022

Since becoming a 501C3 in 2019, the
Greater Yavapai County Coalition or GYCC has supported programs and resources for the LGBTQ+ Community in Northern Arizona, specifically in Yavapai County.

GYCC'S Original Logo Circa 2019

Take a look at our first Logo- Vintage 2018!

Over the years!  Greater Yavapai County Coalition has brought Programs, Resources and Events to Rural Northern Arizona and Yavapai County.

Here are some of the programs that GYCC has developed:  
Faith Bridge- Providing Inclusive Faith Connections
NAZGEM- Northern Arizona Gender Mentor’s Network
Grow Our Own- Garden for the Community
GYCC’s Family and Friends Picnic
GYCC’s Turn About Ball

The name Greater Yavapai County Coalition served us well!

The next evolution of GYCC’s Logo

With an amazing, hard working team and the help of a vibrant and supportive LGBTQ+ Community, GYCC has built partnerships and joined coalitions that have brought support and resources to our rural Northern Arizona Areas.

GYCC was thrilled to receive the Finding the Good Award for their Covid Box Support Program

GYCC has partnered with:

…to name a few

As GYCC we have also become involved in the Organizations that provide support to Yavapai County.

GYCC is a part of

  • Over the last two years, through the Pandemic, GYCC has rolled up it’s sleeves and become involved with First Responders, Community Health Organizations and many Agencies that provide basic support such as housing, emergency food and shelter and advocacy.

We started the Covid Support Box Program which has provided over 200 Boxes to individuals, children and families who are dealing with Covid.

GYCC is a part of this Community and as we head into 2022, we hope to become even more involved in building an inclusive, safe and vibrant Northern Arizona.

In 2022, we wanted a name that could move forward with us. One that represented the LGBTQ+ Community and was easily identified and remembered when it was on a list of Resources and Service Organizations.

We invited the LGBTQ+ Community to get involved with name suggestions and had a great response! We narrowed the names from seventy, to ten to three and after much careful thought, finally agreed on PRISM NETWORK


A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to share their vision of what they wanted GYCC to become.  Stay tuned as we update our Website and Logos over the next month.

We would love to hear from you!  Send us your thoughts and ideas to

And Welcome to PRISM NETWORK!